Keyword Research for beginners – Our Top 3 Tools

Keyword Research for beginners – Our Top 3 Tools

Generating traffic to your new website can be the most difficult struggle of your business. Below we suggest our top 3 beginner tools for keyword research, to ensure that you find the most valuable keywords for your industry, making sure that your website appears first on organic ranking.

1.  Google Autocomplete

Easily forgotten, this little gem allows you to see the keywords and long tail search terms that customers are using to find your and your competitor’s websites. Simply type in the first word of your search term and Google will highlight other common search terms. Free and simple to use, this can often be used to find new keyword searches that are relevant for your business.


2.  Google Adwords

Google Adwords can also be used to see the search terms that generate the most traffic to your website . This can be extremely valuable, often suggesting different terms than you previously thought of and letting you understand more about the customer’s thought process while searching.

This is also a great way of looking at what competitors are using as their keywords. This can be easily done through the Keyword Planner in Google Adwords, by inserting your own or your competitors landing page and selecting ‘Get Ideas’. The results will show up to 800 phrases that appear on the pages, as well as the monthly search volumes for each phrase.


3.  SEM Rush

A great quick tool to show up reams of keywords for your own and competitors websites. You are also able to see a domain comparison report, which allow you to see what keyword terms your competitors are ranking for, that you are not.


These three tools allow a great starting place into your Keyword research, ensuring that your customers will be able to find relevant content when searching for your business.