A letter from a Digital Giant

A letter from a Digital Giant

A few days ago we received a letter in the post in the Bradley Brand studio and were very disappointed to realise it wasn’t our letter from Hogwarts. However, it was from the King of digital marketing, Google. In todays digital world we were surprised to see the biggest search engine in the world still putting ink to paper (even its typed) and sending letters in the post.

As the largest search engine in the world and innovators of marketing communications, we were intrigued by their choice of sending a letter in the post, the old fashioned way.

This led us to wonder – are letters truly a thing of the past? Or are they as effective as they always were, seeing as it got the studio debating and now we’re writing about it?

It can’t be denied that opening a personalised letter will forever be more of an experience than opening an email or watching adverts on television ever will be.

Is there still space in our digital world for letters? Are they really an outdated form of marketing? We may have previously thought they were a thing of the past, but after receiving our letters from Google, we now know we need to brush up on our knowledge of the most effective marketing tactics.