About This Project


Applegreen is a first-of-its-kind convenience store brand in Europe which sells fuel and food-to-go. Launched in 2004 by Petrogas Ltd., today there are over 80 locations operated by the Company throughout Ireland and the UK.

We worked with Applegreen between 2004-2008. Our initial research discovered that motorists had little loyalty to fuel brands. Customers, particularly female, were swayed to stop at forecourts that had good coffee, freshly made sandwiches and clean toilets. We discovered that a strong store brand image greatly influences the decision to stop and refuel.


Working in close partnership with the Petrogas team, Bradley Brand developed a new brand identity that is innovative,visually engaging and distinctively refreshing. The forecourt was used to it’s full potential to advertise the great food and drinks offers in-store, with new bold visuals highlighting the different offers available.

With international recognition and being announced as winner of the 2010 NACS International Convenience Retailer of the Year Award, Applegreen is now a leading competitor in the petrol sector and have seen a marked increase in the amount of hot drinks and fresh food sold in their stations.


‘The Applegreen Brand transformed our business. Andrew Bradley was instrumental at the start in creating a brand image that has provided a strong foundation design that we’ve taken and developed into the Applegreen brand of today. Since its inception, we’ve worked continuously to nurture Applegreen and have been rewarded with a consistently growing, profitable business.’

Joe Barrett – Director of Petrogas