About This Project


FP Tapes is a conglomerate of different securing and fastening companies that had come together in recent years were looking to consolidate under a new brand. The project would be a full rebrand including a brand new website. The company wanted the new brand and website to show their expertise, knowledge and high quality service in their sector.


We started this project with generating insight into the company by conducting first hand research of their clients. Understanding what their customer’s thoughts and feelings towards the company would be integral to knowing to what the direction and tone of voice the new brand should have. Through this research we found key insights to why customers choose FP Tapes. This information would turn out to be invaluable when it came to develop the new website. Understand what customers wanted to see and knowing the customer journey map.


We wanted to convey an approachable confident brand as through our client research. We found that one of the company’s key attributes was the relationships they had built with their customers. Combined alludes to the coming together of the companies that formed FP Tapes. The tagline “Ordinary meets Extraordinary” pays tribute to how many different applications that their products have and are used for. The new brand was rolled out through all their offices and the new site was launched at the beginning of the new year.

Branding, Websites