About This Project



Healthier Choice are an Irish E-liquids and E- cigarettes company with 19 retail premises nation wide. Their team came to us looking for a full rebrand to develop a more modern, brand leader in the vaping world. The vaping category has grown hugely in the last numbers of years with increasingly more and more surveys and studies establish the benefits compared to smoking. However with this growing sector regulation has tightened too and it was felt that the company needed to come away from the health driven name.



Vaping has not only become a way to get off cigarettes but has also started its own sub-cultural of vaping connoisseurs that look to it as a hobby and pastime. We felt the new brand should target the mass market and not alienate either the person giving up cigarettes or the vape connoisseur. The category is become cluttered with different shops and websites offering hundreds if not thousands of different e-liquids and vaporisers.



We wanted to bring a credible and affable brand to the high street that would cater to the mass market. We decided on the name Hale, a simple easy to say word that was coupled with a clean and approachable modern feel to the brand brand. For this, we completed the full design of the logo, production packaging and retail design in their new store on Dublin’s Liffey Street. Hale vaping is a bright new store for everyone who wants the freedom to being smoke free.

With 19 locations nationwide this e-cigarette and e-liquid company is a friendly environment where you take the first steps to switch from smoking to the healthier vaping choice.

Whether it’s starter kits, more advanced kits or finding your favourite flavour you’re sure to find your best fit.

It’s the new face of High street vaping.

Branding, Packaging