About This Project


We were challenged with completely redeveloping the Keelings brand in order to refocus the brand message on the family’s passion of ‘growing’. While we had already established Keelings as a consumer brand, we wanted to revitalise their offering in light of increased competition. To do this, we focused on their unique offering as expert growers to set them apart from other brands. The primary message is that taste is a function of freshness, and freshness is a result of quality of growing conditions. We evolved the Keelings logo, packaging and advertising to emphasise the new brand essence and developed the ‘Love to grow’ strapline.


Key to Keeling’s strategy is identifying different ways to package strawberries during the year thereby using the package design to drive up impulse purchases on different occasions throughout the year. From a standing start years ago, today, Keelings is in 45th position in Checkout Ireland’s Top 100 Brands and the brand has become the most recognised consumer brand for fruit and vegetables in Irish supermarkets.


While the launch of the Keeling’s brand has provided an alternative to own-label produce, the brand has also grown the category as a whole. Berry sales have grown 136% in six years, whereas apple and pears sales are in decline. This demonstrates the power of a brand and design not only to grow market share but also to have grown the size of the market.

Branding, Digital Marketing, Packaging