About This Project



Manor Brewing Company is famed as ‘Ireland’s highest quality brewery’ (albeit a mere 1000ft above sea level!) and are a pioneering craft brewery whose bold, distinctive beers enjoy success in bars, hotels and restaurants nationwide. With their place in the craft beer market firmly established, Manor Brewing approached Bradley Brand to design their new packaging for Mont, their premium pilsner lager beer.

Lager has been out of the spotlight for some time now due to the raised interest in specialist and craft ales, but discerning beer drinkers are beginning to appreciate the subtle complexities of pilsner, and the care and attention needed to brew a good one.



Bradley Brand recommended a review of the Mont brand identity so as to make it stand out more on shop shelves. The challenge was to design something premium without losing the Lager cues. Manor Brewing Company is the only Irish brewery with a premium pilsner lager offering and we wanted to highlight the fact hat this is a first of its kind mountain beer brewed in Ireland.

We have since updated the designs around their logo, bottles, kegs, box packaging and tap labels. This new identity encapsulates the brands distinctive character and has also helped to differentiate it against the competition. We also support the new Mont brand identity with new marketing materials as needed.


‘As the beer sector continues to diversify & grow – we decided it was a good time to re-evaluate our packaging and so we partnered with Bradley Brand to audit our packaging and to make suggestions that would make real shelf impact. As Ireland’s super-premium lager, we needed a super-premium pack to match. Bradley approached our project with a honed sense of purpose – and delivered a pack that has been warmly & widely welcomed in the marketplace. Due to this initial partnership, we now engage with Bradley across a spectrum of brand strategy & marketing requirements, they’ve never let us down.’

Michael Cowen, Chief Executive – Manor Brewing Company 


Branding, Packaging