About This Project

Keeping it real… estate

Moovingo is Ireland’s first purpose built online platform to buy and sell homes, connecting buyers and sellers directly. Bringing digital innovation to a traditional market, Moovingo are meeting the expectation of today’s social, mobile and on-demand customer. This change in the consumer can be seen across many sectors, driven largely by mobile usage; consumer buying behaviour and appetite for information has changed, with the expectation of instant access to their personal and real-time information from businesses they spend or interact with.

The Moovingo brand was created by Bradley Brand & Design to appeal to today’s mobile centric consumer. The name Moovingo is both memorable and trade markable; designed to empower the home owner and take the stress (and expense) out of selling their home. With a live dashboard, the seller can see how many are interested in their home and use the online system to set up a viewing time that suits both seller and potential buyer.

Sellers get the best of both worlds: the expertise of a dedicated Moovingo agent to guide them through the sale, combined with the efficiency, trust and value technology brings. Moovingo’s easy to use interface equips customers and trade partners with tools, data and services to simplify the sale of a property – and elevate the most crucial stages of the process.

The Moovingo brand speaks to this type of customer; the mobile savvy seller or buyer who wants to expedite the sale or purchase of a property through seamless technology and digital processes they are already familiar with. This has been conveyed throughout the Moovingo brand identity; a non traditional name that still resonates, strong visual communication, using colour, tone of voice and styling to appeal to a new audience in a very traditional market.

Branding, Print, Websites