About This Project



We were approached by Andrew Wynne of All Around Great Foods with a new healthy snacking product. Having spent time travelling, Andrew had discovered activated nuts, which are soaked to breakdown the indigestible barriers, sprouted to activate the nutrition and seasoned for flavour. With little history of activating seeds, nuts and grains in Ireland, the brand had to educate the customer, while still being a strong, confident and healthy Activated Nut brand.



Activated nuts have both health and taste benefits. The soaking process mimics nature and takes away toxins in the nuts whilst bringing them to their optimum nutrition point. This process also creates a crispier and lighter tasting nuts that is easier to digest.


With people looking to make healthier choices in their eating, Activated Nuts are the perfect product for them. On-the-go snacking is a key time when nuts are consumed, so we had to make sure our packaging was portable and durable, meaning you could take them to work, the gym or in the car as a snack.



We believed that this activation process meant that the nuts are at their best and choose the name Nutmost to show how you are getting the best of both the nut and flavours with Andrew’s product. Nutmost is all about letting the goodness out, so we’ve kept our website and packaging energetic, lively and happy, providing great recipes, ideas and suggestions about how to get the best out of the Activated Nuts. Find more on

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