About This Project



Rayal (formally Ko-Energies) are a lighting installation and energy savings company based in Dublin. They can create huge savings on their customers’ electricity bills by changing their old lighting systems for new energy efficient LED lights. These savings can range all the way up to 60% of their current bill whilst dramatically cutting maintenance fees too. They came to us to develop a new trustworthy, confident and professional brand aimed at a B2B market.



Rayal’s proposal allows their customers avail of new LED lights with zero capital expenditure. These lights are more energy efficient, brighter and more reliable than traditional incandescent bulbs. Rayal wants to create a better and brighter working environment for their clients’ workers whilst bringing savings to the company.



The development of the Rayal brand comes from the idea of “bringing a ray of light” back to your business. This brought the name and tagline “bringing savings to light”. The development of the brand was brought through all aspects of the business from the logo, website and all forms of livery. This new brand as per our brief is professional, trustworthy and reliable, its bold colours grab the attention of potential clients and allows them to present to confidently to them.



‘We engaged with Bradley to create a new brand that offers customers real savings in lighting operational costs. From the outset Bradley Brand got us – and understood we wanted to create a brand to disrupt the sector whilst building confidence. The brand strategy presented to us provided a concrete foundation for our new company name and the identity. Our staff, customers and piers have found the revamp invigorating and we have no doubt that the efforts involved will bare fruit in business growth’

Vincent Murray, Commercial & Financial Manager – Rayal

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