About This Project

Promoting Lifelong Learning for Growth

Skillnet Ireland (formerly Skillnets) is the new name for the national agency dedicated to the promotion and facilitation of workforce learning and upskilling in Ireland. Skillnet Ireland enables an enterpise-led training agenda that empowers SMEs to set up networks to focus on their training needs.

After nearly 20 years in existence, Skillnets management decided it was timely to undertake a review of its brand strategy and brand identity, which was being applied inconsistently across its 65+ Networks nationally. As Skillnets prepared itself for a more focused marketing effort, presenting a strong brand was a key objective in reaching this end goal.

Following an extensive review with stakeholders at all levels of the organisation, with Network Managers and with SME customers directly, Bradley Brand recommended Skillnets migrate their name to ‘Skillnet Ireland’ and that each of the individual 65 Networks be asked to adopt one common brand identity, replacing the 65 individual network identities thereby creating brand unity amongst the Networks for the first time. Key to realising this unification, was the preparation of detailed brand guidelines that not only assist each network to rebrand but also guided them on how to market their network to their target audience creating a support system that hand not been consistent before. Workshops were hosted with networks to guide them through the rebranding process.



‘Undertaking an extensive brand review can be a daunting exercise for any organisation. In Bradley Brand we found a consulting partner who was sensitive to our needs, and the needs of our SME audience. Their professional approach and integrity throughout the process allowed us to fundamentally reposition our brand , so that we could better serve the needs of our stakeholders. Throughout the process, Bradley Brand were never phased by the scale or complexity of the task . Their ability to find concessions and generate creative design concepts has reenergised our organisation.”

Paul Healy, Chief Executive – Skillnet Ireland

Today, Skillnet Ireland has a brand identity fit for purpose that positions the organization as the leader it strives to be. Bradley Brand continues to support Skillnet Ireland, and the individual Skillnet networks, to rollout their new brand identity across their website, marketing collateral, case study videos and training material.

Skillnet Ireland believes that maintaining a highly skilled workforce is essential to Ireland’s national competitiveness. Skillnet Ireland now has a brand strategy and brand identity worthy of this objective.

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