SL Controls

About This Project



SL Controls have been at the leading edge of development, programming and validation of automation systems for the past 15 years. They are system engineers based in Sligo their clients include some of the large FDI companies in Ireland. SL Controls were looking to update their brand, strengthen their key messages and develop an identity to match their strong company culture.



SL Controls are experts in their field, they become an integral part of their client’s team. They are at the forefront of Industry 4.0 and developing and automating smart technologies for the manufacturing floor. Having this incredible wealth of knowledge it was important for us to try to convey this throughout the development of their branding. The company was built on innovation and developing new technologies and we wanted to let the company culture shine through.



Our idea for SL Controls was to develop an identity for their brand that could be rolled out through all aspects of the business. This identity would be based on the strong core values of the business of learning, innovation and teamwork. We developed a new brand strategy that tied in all aspects of the business from a new website to bringing it alive in the offices. SL Controls wanted a brand that represented the highly skilled employees and the incredible work they do and we feel this new brand archives that.