Velvet Cloud

About This Project


Velvet Cloud is a family run Irish company that produces handmade Sheep’s yoghurt in the heart of the countryside in County Roscommon. The challenge was to develop a brand identity that emphasised the difference between Velvet Cloud and traditional dairy products and create an accessible and friendly brand personality.

Velvet Cloud is an excellent option for people searching for healthy alternatives to traditional dairy products. This may include vegetarians and consumers who are lactose intolerant. Providing an essential way for them to get their vitamins and calcium while not comprising on taste.

An ideal breakfast product, it can be combined to make a delicious bowl of granola with fresh berries and honey and can also be used in cooking sauces, it’s the perfect complement to any meal. Made of just two ingredients, sheep’s milk and yoghurt cultures, you can enjoy a delicious healthy treat while simultaneously supporting local Irish business.


We wanted a soft, accessible design for the product that drew the eye of the consumer and differentiated it on the supermarket shelf. When deciding on a suitable name for the product we drew inspiration from the creamy thickness of Sheep’s yoghurt and the dreamy cloud-like appearance of a sheep. The package design itself is eco-friendly, made up of recyclable cardboard with minimal amounts of plastic.

We designed and developed the brand to ensure its continued relevance in the health food market today and Velvet Cloud is now stocked in shops and supermarkets nationwide.


‘As a start-up about to launch a new product into a very competitive yogurt category we knew how important both brand identity and packaging would be if we were to succeed and achieve stand out on shelf. We decided to engage Bradley having examined several competing proposals. Although we were a small company we felt Bradley took the time to research and understand the category we were about to compete in as well as the consumer insights driving demand for sheep’s milk products. We were actively involved in the process along the way and presented with several identity and packaging routes before finally selecting the Velvet Cloud brand identity and packaging. What impressed us most was the combination of professionalism, creativity and practicality which the team demonstrated throughout the project’

Aisling and Michael Flanagan – Velvet Cloud


Branding, Packaging, Print