Weir & Sons

About This Project



Weir & Sons are one of the oldest and most well respected brands in Dublin.

While they were receiving a lot of traffic to their website, they were however struggling to convert the traffic into regular sales. They commissioned Bradley Brand to redesign the site in order to make it more relevant, complete with an e-commerce platform.



The new design makes the Weir & Sons brand more accessible and modern for a younger generation. We created a clean and fresh new look online and made the website stylish and elegant, with the customer journey at the heart of the website. The new Weir & Sons website offers a continuation of the impeccable service customers receive in store, making sure that customers get the best in products and service online.

Launched in May 2015, Weir & Sons are looking forward to bringing their customers on an online journey that celebrates the long history of the brand as well as the wide range of product offering in store. With a sleek, minimal interface, the new Weir & Sons website places the jewellery in centre stage and lets them shine as they should.